Thursday, March 1, 2012

a pray

pray for you..
hopefully the birds can bring all the prays, misses, happiness, blesses to you
and it's just belong to you but non of others
the deepest sincere from me to you
when it can be send out
keep waiting and trying to build up the brave for you
no matter what, but you are the one that hold my heart so long..
and it is the first first first..
i'm sincere i 'm willing
just like you so much than what i think
why and how? i have no just pop out from my heart..
listen to it, carefully and sincerely and i did
keep it or explore it? a wonder within it...
who can answer it? who can tell..
how much i hope that wind can just whispers near your ear..
there is someone sending you a pray, misses,happiness, blesses to you~

leave it here...silently.. quietly..or else you can hear my words here...

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