Saturday, February 25, 2012

my first love letter

I have something to say..
Listen to my deepest heart
I miss you
Keep adding on and repeating
Each time we meet
You're smiling to me and we say hello
Ohh..nothing but nervous just flushing in
U're the one
Make me naked in front of you always
U may not realized it perhaps
Chapter 1,2,3...
How happy that fingers're dancing onABC
Do you?
Over and over again I had been thinking
Yet,to catch you as I wish to
Or to let it go wic I dun knw wat u think
U know,u're really someone special that I can believe in and rely on
?should I or shouldn't I... ...
?are you or aren't you... ...

a love letter for someone special like u
but it haven't be send out..
no mailing address...

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